What’s Happening in The News

This week I found three articles really interesting. The first article is about the possible repeal in net neutrality laws. Last Tuesday the FCC released a plan to to undo the  landmark regulations that ensure equal access to the internet,  therefore clearing the way for internet service companies to charge users more to see certain content and to curb access to some websites. The current regulations set in place by the Obama administration prohibits internet providers from stopping or slowing down websites, as well as prevents them from charging extra fees for high-quality streaming and other services.

Not only did this set off Americans all over the country, but companies like Google and Amazon are also  against the repeal of net neutrality regulations. The rollback of these regulations could, in fact, have negative effects for these companies. Additionally, smaller online companies believe that rolling back these regulations will hurt innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit on the Internet if they are forced to pay more for faster connection.

Internet companies are expected to fight the proposed roll back in the coming weeks. Under the new proposal, broadband providers will have the ability to block access, slow down or speed up service for its business partners if desired, with the only condition being that they as long notify customers. Below I have provided an infographic of what the Internet environment would look like with net neutrality and without.

The second article I found is about the new Disney movie, Coco, a multicultural film from Pixar set in Mexico during Día de los Muertos. The storyline of the movie is about a boy whose quest to reignite his musical roots sends him on a journey through the underworld. This vibrant and culturally rich movie dominated the box office this weekend putting it at the top spot in the box office, even beating out Justice League! The article explains how Pixar ensured the movie was culturally correct, which paid off. Not only has this movie been a huge hit domestically, but has also been record-setting in Mexico and China! Coco was the fourth-highest-grossing Thanksgiving opener of all time.

Why is this worth talking about? This movie celebrates diversity and practices of a different culture. It allows children, the targeted audience, to immerse themselves in a culture they may be unfamiliar with and embrace the traditions of another culture. For years Disney has had predominantly caucasian main characters, but over the past few years their push for diversity and inclusion has produced movies that embrace other cultures. Taking these steps is important in molding the new generation into individuals who accept and embrace differences.

The last article is something I just found interesting and kind of funny. According to data provided by Netflix, 12% of individuals admit to watching television shows or movies while using pubic restrooms. I found this funny because about a month ago I was in the restroom here on campus and actually heard someone watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians while using the restroom, which I found extremely weird at the time. But, apparently 12% of Americans are now doing it! The increased use of smartphones and streaming services have completely changed viewing habits. You are now able to watch anything, anywhere, and at any time, so when is it inappropriate to not stream?