Women Who Code Panel

After creeping on each panelist’s LinkedIn and Facebook page, I was able to get a background on their experiences and how far they have come since graduating for the Master’s Program. Getting to see women who have already accomplished so much in a short amount of time gets me excited for the future and the career path I want to pursue.

I have my undergrad degree in marketing, which I love, but I felt like I was never taught how to make a website, code, or given any technical skills that would enable me go into the workforce with actual skills. This program has been able to teach me so much within a short amount of time.

The future is coding, so being able to learn the skillset within the classroom is an amazing opportunity for me and will give me an upper hand when starting my career. The issues that surround women who code is the lack of representation within the tech industry and blatant overlooking of women in the hiring process. In a press release by Women Who Code, they reported that for 53% of technical positions, companies interviewed only male candidates for a given role, whereas the reverse was true just 6% of the time. The uphill battle for women to be given the same opportunities as men is one that will be continue to be an issue if nothing is done about it. Fortunately, programs like Women Who Code and other organizations exist and are creating a space for women pursuing a tech career to excel and grow within this industry.

If I were to ask three questions to the panelist, they would be:

  1. What class do you think helped you most when looking for a job? i.e. what class taught you the most valuable technical skills that are relevant to your line of work.
  2. Are you involved in any industry specific groups? If so, do you believe they have had a positive influence on your career?
  3. What has been your biggest lesson thus far in developing your career within the tech industry?