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Before reading this weeks articles, I didn’t pay much attention to what internet browser I used or even considered the concept that they were competing against each other, so I found the articles and video very interesting and enlightening. I would not consider myself a super techy person so I don’t really discriminate against what browser I use, but I understand why people can become loyal to one particular browser. In my experience with programs such as Internet Explorer or Safari I have had a lot of difficulties or lag time, whereas with Chrome and Firefox I usually can access webpages relatively fast and with no issues.

This past summer I made it my mission to get Google Adword and Google Analytics Certified, so taking this beginner course was a little refresher course to everything I learned this summer about Google Analytics. Since I was a marketing major in undergrad I was exposed to GA for various class projects, but I have yet to use it in for actual business purposes. I am hoping the various self-teaching books I read will help me once I do need to implement Google Analytics.  Luckily Google has made these applications user-friendly so non-tech savvy people, like myself, can use these services.

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After watching Download: The True Story of the Internet, I was surprised at how out of the blue Google took on the tech world. There was no big entrance, just a steady and successful climb up to the top. It also made me rethink what I am doing with my life, if two grad students the same age as me can create a multi-billion dollar company and I can barely keep up with classes. Regardless of their age, their innovative way to organize and prioritize websites has completely changed the experience of searching for users. Google has successfully been able to take down some of the strongest competitors in the tech industry such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL for the top spot as number one search engine. In How Google’s Algorithm Rules The Web, Bingers admit that “when it comes to the simple task of taking a search term and returning relevant results, Google is still miles ahead.”

Although it seems that Google has its hands in a many different cookie jars and makes money so many different ways, but one of the biggest ways they make money is through their online advertising platforms, Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Unlike other companies that sell ad space, Google employs a bidding tactic to sell their advertisement space which helps in making the playing field a little more equal for small businesses to compete with some of the bigger competitors. Google takes advantage of these advertising platforms they’ve created by convincing businesses to bid on specific key words and phrases for a top spots on the search results page. Since they use both organic and paid advertising, the first 3-4 ad results on the search page will always be paid advertisements (the winner of the bid) and the rest of the results will be the organic searches that are based on relevancy and highest SEO for that specific search (which is why SEO is so important for businesses to understand).  I firmly believe this method of selling advertisement is the most cost effective and level playing method for businesses to use when purchasing online advertisements. Unlike TV or Radio ads, Google only charges the Adwords user if the person clicks on their ad; whereas if someone has the TV muted and your commercial comes on you are still going to be charged for that ad being played. You are also targeting an audience that is actually looking for that specific product/service because they are the ones actively searching for it, therefore they are more likely to visit your website than someone just overhearing your radio advertisement. The only issue with implementing this in other media organizations is making sure that companies aren’t colluding to undercut the prices of the bids as a way to drive down the price per keyword.


Throughout my four years in undergraduate, the word SEO kept coming up in every class and how important it was for companies to constantly work on their SEO standings. Without a good SEO companies can have amazing content, but no one will see it because they aren’t stratigically using keywords, links, etc. Fortunately, there are many ways a company can pump up their SEO standing by doing a few different things:

  1. create relevant content that your intended audience finds useful and is linkable
  2. increase your engagement- getting more likes, comments, shares, etc
  3. incentivize past customers to leave reviews on your website or tag you
  4. create partnerships with local influencer and have them tag/link you in their post

Since technology and the Internet are a constantly evolving industry, I can’t tell what the future will hold in regards to SEO, but I do believe it is going to get harder and more competitive for businesses to get their company to the top spots within the next few years. As more companies start hiring employees to just focus on building SEO, the algorithm and requirements to make it onto the beloved first page search results will get harder. The job of an SEO Strategist is going to become more and more important within companies to ensure the constant upkeep of relevancy and visibly of the company’s online presence.

Below I have attached an infographic that has helpful tips to increasing a companies SEO:



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  1. I enjoyed your post this week! After your reading, I agree that I hadn’t put too much thought into what browser was the best one to be using. At my previous job, we were told not to use Google Chrome because it slowed down the computers. Using primarily Mac computers, I became accustomed to using Safari. Now, after getting my own Mac laptop, I have found that I like using Google Chrome so much more. Little did I know that it is the most popular browser, which I found at after this week’s readings.


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