Life as a Millennial

There is not a time in my earliest memories that I do not remember having the Internet. The vast capabilities of what the Internet is now able to do has essentially changed the way we live. We now consider it uncommon to not be able to pull up information in a matter of seconds. As I watched the The Internet Behind The Web, I found it compelling to see how the concept of the Internet was constructed.



The concept of innovation is the introduction of something new. Tim Berners-Leerecalls the frustration that journalist had when asked “what the crucial idea was, or what the singular event was, that allowed the Web to exist.” Innovation is something that is a constant cycle of evolving and changing to meet the needs of the creator. As discussed in the video, the Internet was first created as a way for the military to stay connected in case of an attack. Since then the Internet has evolved into a much bigger beast, capable of more than what was ever imagined. It seems that everything is now integrated the use of the Internet in some way. It is truly amazing how complex the Internet has become.


As the Internet as progressed over the years, the trends in media have also become more vast and intensive. We no longer expect to see websites full of text, instead we expect videos, images, interactive concepts, etc. The average consumer no longer wants to read through an article, but be able to look at pictures that explain to them what the texts is saying. Our need for instant gratification has intensified within the last ten years and I believe will only continue to grow.

Although the Internet has been a monumental development and changed the way we live, it can also be a double edged sword. The constant connection and sharing of informations leaves individuals available to identity theft or the sharing of private information. Moreover, it seems as though we have lost the ability to create genuine connections with people. I know for myself, I find that I don’t reach out to old friends as much because I feel like I already know what is going on with them because I am able to see it through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I have two younger sisters, 8 & 14, who only communicate with their friends through text or some other form of communication. Never do I see them actually pick up the phone to call them. The world has become a place of conversations through a screen and I think this trend will only become more prevalent.

After taking the Web IQ Test, I realized even though I grew up with the Internet, I do not know as much about it as I thought. Since I haven’t know what it is like to live without the Internet, I take for granted the truly incredible development of such a powerful invention. The Internet is intertwined in so many of my every day tasks, which can be scary at times.

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  1. I also find the communication patterns of young people with technology very interesting. As we move ahead, we’ll see theories that address the cultural influence of the mere presence of technology.


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